SB12S – Bookcase speakers, bookcase loudspeakers

Bookcase speaker, bookcase loudspeaker

Combining quality and design, Garvan has introduced a series of bookcase speakers based on the same loudspeaker technology of the flat bookcase speaker collection. Its compact size, the clean design, the unmistakable Garvan technology and the wide range of customization opportunities available represent a successful combination of design, functionality and technology. The speaker’s front cover is held in place by powerful neodymium magnets that enable it to fit perfectly into the cabinet without sticking out of it. Thanks to its efficient bookcase loudspeakers cover fixing system and to its wide range of customization opportunities, Garvan develops ad hoc solutions to meet every kind of need.



This bookshelf speaker is particularly suitable for stereo effect using only one loudspeaker. Dual point stereo.

Product Description

11BXXB – Front cover, lacquered microperforated metal grille
SB12SB – Lacquered speaker


Type: Stereo coax
Power RMS/MAX (W): 35+35 /70+70

Dimensions HxWxD (cm): 19,4 x 19,4 x 7,6

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