Stingray 430


The Stealth Acoustics StingRay 430™ is a monaural environmentally protected outdoor subwoofer speaker system.

The StingRay 430™ offers powerful advantages over traditional outdoor subwoofers. The speaker is impervious to the elements and can be placed in almost any outdoor setting. Rated at IP-66, the StingRay 430™ does not allow dust or moisture to enter the device, making it perfect for any outdoor application where wide coverage, low frequency sound and ultimate environmental durability are required.

The Stealth Acoustics StingRay 430™ incorporates a total of 8 acoustically coupled, high-power, 8″ (203 mm) cone woofers and a passive radiator. Using acoustic lever principals, the StingRay 430™ provides exceptional bass output from 20Hz to 100Hz by trading off excursion for surface area to propagate bass waveforms. Each of the 4 sides of the speaker has 331 sq. in. (840 sq. cm) of active area for a total of 1324 sq. in. (3360 sq. cm)

Product Description

Frequency Response:

20Hz to 100Hz

Power Capacity:

400 watts RMS
200 watts minimum recommended power


86 dB (1 watt / 1 meter)

Driver Components:

Eight 8” (203 mm) 20 oz. (622 gr) ceramic magnets woofers with 1-1/2″ (38 mm) voice coils per panel

System Impedance:

4Ω ohmsΩ nominal

Polar Dispersion:

360 degrees vertical and horizontal


Width: 17-1/4” (438 mm)
Depth: 17-1/4” (438 mm)
Height: 31-3/4” (788 mm)

Product Weight:

76 lbs. (35 kg) each

Shipping Weight:

144 lbs. (65 kg) each per pallet

Available Finishes:

matte white, matte black, sand stone, gray stone, jade stone, or a custom wraps

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